Music of Costa Rica
Costa Rica's musical culture is a diverse mixture of African, European and native elements.

Though its music has achieved little international renown, Costa Rican popular music genres include an indigenous calypso scene which is distinct from the more widely-known Trinidadian calypso sound, as well as a thriving disco audience that supports nightclubs in cities like San José.

American and British rock and roll and pop are popular among the youth, while dance-oriented genres like soca, bolero, salsa, merengue, marcado, lambada and cumbia are also popular.

The Caribbean coast shows a strong African influence in the complex percussion rhythms like sinkit.

Like its neighbors in Central America, the marimba is a very popular instrument, and Costa Rican marimba music is unique in its relatively quiet and restrained nature.

Folk dances include a couples dance called the "El Punto Guanacasteco", which has been made the official national dance

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Playing marimba in Liberia
Playing Marimba in Liberia

Street musicians in Limon
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